Office Plugins

The set of MYDATA Office Plugins are designed and developed, to support companies to prevent data loss. The – mostly unintentional – disclosure of sensitive information is a constant threat for companies. This is often caused by the carelessness of employees and not by hackers or malicious intent.

An employee sends an email to external recipients and has inadvertently attached a confidential, internal Office Document. In order to prevent such scenarios, the MYDATA Control Office Plugins offer suitable solutions. Office Documents (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) can be classified according to their level of confidentiality and their usage can be controlled. For example, when attachments are mailed, MYDATA monitors that the internal documents are only mailed to external recipients after explicit confirmation. Confidential documents may only be sent after being encrypted. MYDATA thereby prevents undesired data leaks.

If you have any question or you want to try our office plugins please do not hesitate to contact us.