Office Plugins: FAQ

For which versions of MS Office are the plugins compatible?
The MYDATA Office Plugins have been tested with MS Office 2016. It has not been fully tested for MS Office 365 yet. If you want to have a version for MS Office 2010, please contact us.
Should I modify any configuration in my MS Office installation?
Yes, only for MS Outlook. It is better to open replies and forwards in a new window to be sure that the event listeners are properly set. In MS Outlook, go to File > Options, select the tab Mail and check the box "Open replies and forwards in a new window" under "Replies and forwards".
MS Outlook disabled the MYDATA Office Plugin.
In MS Outlook, for to File > Manage COM Add-ins "Slow and Disabled Add-ins". In the options for MYDATA Office Plugin for Outlook, select "Do not monitor this add-in".